Zombie Movie Review: [REC]

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Vector for zombie movie REC

Vector for zombie movie REC

Woah. It’s taken me a good few days to get around to writing up my report on this crazy movie, partly due to my own laziness but also because it was so damn scary it’s taken this long to get it out of my system.

REC is a little Spanish zombie movie set almost completely inside an apartment building stairway. A cute little Spanish television presenter and cameraman turn up at around midnight following some Firemen who have been called in. They are investigating some mental old woman who has been growling and stomping around in her apartment freaking out the neighbours. Old people are pretty scary at the best of times, but unfortunately this old woman isn’t just your regular sort of crazy lady, but a chubby rabies infested zombie with a fair amount of pace on her, as we find out when she starts chasing and chewing up the helpful firemen.

Word of this rabid lady must have got out pretty sharpish because when the firemen and other building residents attempt to run out of the building they find they’ve been sealed in by radiation suit clad government agents and have no way of leaving the building.

Surviving in a rather small apartment building (which at my count consists of only about half a dozen residences) with nowhere to run to, while having to avoid the ever increasing number of bitten-turned-zombie residents means that this film just doesn’t let up for a second. Nobody is safe for more than a few minutes as they move from room to room trying to somehow find a way out of this locked down building, each time failing and having to return to where they came from, fighting their way past the zombies they have just managed to avoid. And then gets really scary.

Sure, fumbling with the door keys while the bad guys race up behind you is a pretty cliche horror film staple, but in this situation I actually had my hand in my mouth wishing the survivors could get a break. The same can be said for all the other cliches here, of which there are many. Plus there is no nudity at all which is usually a big fail in my book but I’ll forgive that just this once, and after all the gore is great.

OK, the ending is pretty daft and annoying but it had to end somehow, and it was so creepy right up until the last few seconds that it doesn’t really matter. This is without doubt the scariest film I’ve seen in a long time, which is good because I was beginning to think I was getting desensitised to that sort of thing. It gives me faith that there are still decent scares out there. I just hope the remake ‘Quarantine‘ isn’t the shot-for-shot revamp the trailer seems to suggest. How retarded is that?

Gore Score B
Norks Score F
Originality C
Overall Score A