Zombie Movie Review: Zombie Women of Satan

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Zombie Women of Satan Movie Vector Image

Zombie Women of Satan

Wow, there is some hate out there for this movie! On announcing that I would be watching it and that I actually paid money for the DVD I was met with both pity and derision through the medium of Twitter. A lot of this hate came from people who had seen it at London FrightFest 2009 and had therefore been unprepared for what this movie contains, whereas I have been privy to reviews and knew what to expect before embarking on this visual excursion. But seriously though, surely if you are about to watch a film called Zombie Women of Satan you must at least have an inkling as to what you are going to be watching, no?

Well I was expecting trash, blood and norks, and that is exactly what I got. What I wasn’t expecting was a script that was both hilariously good and bad in equal measure, and a cast who jumped into their roles with both feet and embraced the nonsense.

So what is this movie about? Well it’s basically your typical mad scientist experimenting on (un)willing volunteers to further the research of…. something or other. His volunteers are taken from a nearby hippy commune / cult in a farmhouse consisting entirely of women in a white bra and undercracker combination. One of the patients accidentally oozes infected blood into a bowl of punch while nobody is looking, which is then taken over to the cult whereby the women all drink the potion and start disrobing (despite wearing almost nothing already) and noshing on each others flesh.

It’s at this point that a travelling circus rock on up to the farmhouse led by Pervo the Clown and Johnny-Dee Hellfire along with a dwarf, a burlesque dancer, a mute strongman and a rock chick looking for her lost sister. They encounter these crazy zombie ladies around the farm and proceed to get chased / fight / hide / get chased for the remainder of the movie.

What makes this enjoyable is certainly not the ridiculous story or acting performances, but the brilliant script and blatant disregard for any social commentary, message or genre standards. There’s very little actual gore – although there are buckets of blood sloshing around – but the nork rating is through the roof and even sitting watching this on my own I was genuinely laughing out loud – sometimes at the ludicrousness of the whole thing, and sometimes for the insanely sweary banter between Pervo and Hellfire.

It’s utter trash, will probably knock your IQ score down to single digits (especially if you enjoy watching a dwarf take a dump for 5 minutes) but damn was it good fun. Just don’t go in with anything other than the lowest possible standards and you’ll have a whale of a time.

Gore Score C
Norks Score A
Originality Score D
Overall Score C+

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