Zombie Movie Review: Braindead

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Vector Image for zombie movie Braindead

Vector Image for zombie movie Braindead


AKA Dead Alive

Having watched Zombie Holocaust and only rating it 4 for gore, it got me wondering what it would take for a film to actually hit the 5 that all Zombie films should be aspire to. This pondering lasted for ooh, at least 5 seconds, as I realised I had this gem on my shelf just waiting another viewing. Could my memory have decieved me and Braindeads’ gore factor been imagined, or was I right in remembering that it is the benchmark that all splatter is marked against?

Oh how right I was to trust my own opinion – Braindead is fantastic. Although rather slow to start, come 30 minutes and the ridiculous gore comes a-pourin’. Skin is ripped off, dogs devoured whole, priests kick ass (for the lord) against zombie bikers, and numerous limbs and heads go flying.

And how could I forget the intestine-zombie, the zombie baby, the priest:nurse love-in, a tasty pus and ear custard pudding, rat monkeys, and especially the classic lawnmower death.

For a film to get 5\5 from me without a single nork shot must mean it’s fantastic. What else is there to say

Gore 5\5
Norks 0\5
Overall 5\5

4 responses to “Zombie Movie Review: Braindead

  1. Agree about the slow start, but really does ramp up quickly. The scene where he takes the zombie to the park is one of the funniest things I have ever seen, laugh my head off every time : )

  2. I totally admire this film. It’s rare for me to actually feel grossed out by a movie and this one pulls it off. The real-deal special effects are the key. CGI is alright (when done well) but there is nothing like a well played blood/gore gag.

    Dead Alive (Braindead) is what I call old-school cool. A movie that will forever remain a high point in the zombie/horror genre.

    Thanks for the post. Keep up the good work on the blog. It’s a tough job but it takes a demented person to do it right.

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