Zombie Movie Review: Zombie Flesh Eaters

(In the highly unlikely event that you don’t agree with this review, see my amazing full report on this awesome movie over at our friends Blog of the Living Dead – Zombie Flesh Eaters Review)

Vector image for movie Zombie Flesh Eaters

Vector image for movie Zombie Flesh Eaters

AKA Zombie, Zombi 2

There was an England football match on TV last night so the plan was to watch that instead of our usual Wednesday movie.  However, come the 2nd half we all figured we’d seen enough so I suggested sticking in a Zombie film, just for a change.  I had first dibs here as over the weekend a decision was made to watch Star Wars Episode 1-3 end-to-end, so in order to get my own back I chose to watch ‘The Best zombie Film Ever Made’ aka Zombie Flesh Eaters!

Although I don’t think i’ve seen it since starting this blog it is good to know that having seen so many new Zombie flicks in the last year, (well new to me anyway) my favourite film still holds its own against them all.  It is a full blown classic.

Forget adding Romance, Comedy, Social Commentary, or Satire etc into the plot, this film is just straight forward Zombie goodness.  The music is amazing, the set pieces are great (Zombie Vs Shark?  Get In There!), there is some quality norkage, and lets not forget the most famous Eye Gouging scene ever put to film.  Zombie Flesh Eaters is the ultimate in zombie filmdom.

It is the perfect mix of traditional Zombie legend, 70’s Italian gore and exploitation, with quality music and not a single dodgy CGI effect to be seen.

Perfect from start to finish (and that final shot of the zombies invading NY, with the great radio commentary over the top is the perfect way to finish a film).  Fulci went onto make other classic Zombie films, but none as fantastic as this.  It is just a pity that everyone in my flat fell asleep during it.  Oh well, that means i’ll have to watch it again just for them!

Gore Score B
Norks Score B
Overall Score A+

5 responses to “Zombie Movie Review: Zombie Flesh Eaters

  1. I have to say, impressive as ZFE is, I do not think it is the best zombie film ever made. There are some absolutely classic moments in this film – zombie vs shark, woman getting naked to go scuba diving (as you do) and some good ‘rise from the grave’ scenes but as a whole I still think the George Romero zombie films (Night to Day – not that recent pap) are more complete.

    There are always those little areas in pretty much all horror films where you end up thinking to yourself “what the fuck have you done that for?” and this film is no exception. Rule one when attempting to survive a zombie attack – get somewhere secure and stay there. The characters in this film clearly don’t know this. Having taken refuge in a rickety old church/hospital (they had no choice admittedly) they then proceed to burn the place to the ground! Holy crap people! Zombies aren’t that hard to kill – a good solid tap on the bonce and they’re down. No need to burn anything unless you’re well and truly fucked.

    Still, despite my criticisms this is a very enjoyable film and I will certainly be investing in the sequels.

  2. I hear what you are saying, and while you make some good points, it still doesn’t convince me. Heck, burning down their own hospital from the inside WHILE STILL IN IT is just yet another great moment in cinema history. Our friends over at zombie-night.blogspot.com also disagreed with my review, so I corrected them by sending in my own write-up of this film for their site. Go check it out! (Link at top of this review).

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